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Hey Guys,

First I want to thank everyone for replying - lots of valuable insights here.

I should note that I live in Canada and it is VERY unusual to come across Amiga's around here - This is the first one I have seen locally other than the CD32 I was lucky enough to buy for 80$ a few years back. I do understand where a lot of you are coming from with the A1200 - I really would prefer one of these myself. But, I would likely have to purchase a PAL model, which would then require a video converter, and would have to get all of this shipped overseas... it's really not possible. A 2000 with standard 1.3 kickstart should be able to play just about anything the 500 could, correct? The reason I am asking about so many video options is because I do not have access to SCART or RGB tv's here at all. My CD32 is almost useless because of that fact (despite this I have spent many hours fiddling about with it anyway). I see that there were some accelerator cards suggested that might be worthwhile for this system - how rare/expensive are these? are there any decent modern options for the 2000?

So it seems that the display is likely to cause me the most issues. How long can I expect this 1084 to last if it is currently in working condition? What are the most common problems with them?

Hopefully when I move to London next year I will be able to finally create myself a serious miggy setup, 1200 and all!

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