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Amiga display preference are very subjective, don't take it from someone else what is 'the best' just find what works best for you

If you want to Game like back in the day then you will enjoy a C= 1084 or Philips CM8833. You could even look for one of the Microvitec M1438 which has it's own 23pin RGB lead.

I'm totally happy using my Amiga's on LCD TV's with RGB-Scart cables, it might not work for you as vertical scrolling games will be choppy, it all depends on what you want.

You could even use any old CRT TV with RGB-Scart too.

Last option is a scan doubler and modern flat screen Monitor, this is the most expensive option and although provides a sharper display will still suffer choppiness in scrolling. With some scan doubler's like the Indivision AGA you get access to extra screen modes so you can enjoy a higher resolution Workbench, for example I have the Indivision AGA MkII on my A1200, you can read about it here in my blog:

Because I do a lot of stuff in Workbench, not just playing Games the extra screen modes for me outweigh the disadvantages associated with scrolling.

Good luck with your project
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