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Chance to pick up a REAL amiga - worth it?

Hello everyone,

I have been on a serious amiga kick this past week - I can't get enough. I was lucky enough to stumble on a local ad for an Amiga 2000 with a 1084s monitor and most hookups. I am, however, very torn as to whether I should go ahead with the purchase. I am really just planning to use it as a gaming machine - I am sure I will mess about with workbench and some other software, but the real concern is being able to run 90%< of games. I have done enough research on amiga hardware in the past to be aware of the issues you face when trying to set up a real system. Monitor problems, floppy conversion, file transfer, e.t.c.

So really, I am just wondering how many difficulties i am likely to encounter trying to play games on this system. How reliable are these 1084 monitors 20 years on? It seems the only modern display option cheaper than the Indivision is this: - will this still give me an acceptable picture if the monitor was to die? I also plan to throw in a HxC rev F into the floppy slot, would that work well for playing multidisk games (with the option to save?). It seems that I could also go for one of these instead: - however, that would really leave me with only WHDload games, which I don't know if I could run on a stock system. Is it possible to add more ram without buying a very expensive accelerator card?

I am really hoping not to spend more than ~150$ on this after I purchase the system itself, so going all out on the system is not an option for me. Should I consider just sticking with emulation? I love original hardware and have always wanted an amiga. However, the technical knowledge and parts required have always made me shy away.

*EDIT* How is the picture quality using a GBS-8220 SC? Can I buy pre-built amiga leads for this board?

Please let me know your thoughts!



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