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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Yeah, probably right, but on A500 OCS/ECS got pic. below?!

Also, it works fine only on A1200 AGA and ECS Full config. with 68020 CPU!

p.s. Above mentioned apply for "Pizza & Coke - menu (Intro) by Arise" ... as the "Coop Demo (Intro) by Arise & Awakeother" doesnt work even with 68020?!
"Coop Demo (Intro) by Arise & Awake" works fine here using normal A500 config.

"Pizza & Coke - menu (Intro) by Arise" requires 68020+. (or someone repacked it using some 68020+ only code?)

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Our Newest Crack Intro (Intro) by Byte Busters

A500 OCS (pic.1), ECS (pic.2) ?!
Yes. Again uses ECS/AGA only display position bits. (This time not accidentally because it only works with ECS!)
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