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Originally Posted by Zak View Post
I could not play old games on it, there was no WHDload.
But there was relokick and other degraders that frequently worked pretty well.

Originally Posted by Zak View Post
I could hardly look at any Webpage because Java and other plugins were missing.
Back then very few, if any, web pages I visited used Java or plugins of any kind. Wasn't till the mid to late 90's that it started to be an issue.
Originally Posted by Zak View Post
I could not watch MPEG videos. I could not produce mp3, though I had a tool to listen to them.
I couldn't listen to MP3s on my 1200 at all. But they weren't that popular. MP3 standard wasn't released until 95, and took a bit get rolling. MPEG video was even later than that..

Late 90's, it was becoming a real issue (and when I went PC),
but 80's thru mid 90's, I don't remember much my Amiga couldn't do..
(I know, DOOM in 93 was the harbinger. And while I liked Doom, there were still plenty of non-FPS games for a few years to keep it fun..)

I think the Amiga kept up fairly well up to the mid-90's. And that was impressive considering how far behind it was with Commodore giving up (virtually) on new engineering.

As for, what do I miss NOW on my Amiga...

Not much...
I really use it mostly for retro fun, and it's great.
I also use it for "can you believe it does that", so I have 64M of RAM and browse the web; I play DOOM and MP3s (with MAS Player). ;-)

Would it be nice if it had a modern browser? Yes, but modern browsers are bloated and require LOTS of CPU and RAM to properly render modern sites.

Now, if someone released a modern browser and there was an FPGA with an emulated 680x0 running at 100Mhz... Yeah, I'd probably do that too.. ;-)
As long as it doesn't cost what an 060 costs.. I just can't spend that much on this hobby..

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