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I don't see why Cloanto doesn't add this to Amigaforever.
Shouldn't be too difficult to do with their current process. Shouldn't be too tricky to add some type of basic signature to the RP9.
And it doesn't have to be too tricky, as we all know we can all get any game we need in ADF or WHDLoad anyway, so they don't have to add any tricky DRM. ;-)

But if there was an easy way for me to DL a few classic games and pay a bit for them..
I do that now with GOG and some of the old PC games...

I can't see anyone spending a lot of time on it, but if it could be integrated into something existing (ala Cloanto), then maybe..

It could even be integrated in GOG, if there would be a way to integrate an Amiga emulator in there too...
As it's pretty easy to move stuff from WinUAE to my real Amiga, that would work as well, but I'm not sure the GOG guys would want to deal with the effort and/or licensing issues with an Amiga emulator and kickstart...

Which is why I go back to Cloanto, as they have already done the work on that side.

If there was a way for me to "buy" Babylonian Twins or Putty Squad (or <insert game here>)using Amiga Forever for not too much, I'd do that...

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