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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Pizza & Coke - menu (Intro) by Arise

A500+ (Basic) ... with 68000 or 68010 got Exception 3, but with 68020 works fine.
So its probably then for 68020 or somethings is wrong?

Coop Demo (Intro) by Arise & Awake

A500+ (Basic) ... Exception 3 ?!
Why A500+? No demo is made for A500+

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Xmas Demo by Beyond 2000

A500, KS1.3, OCS, 0.5mb+0.5mb ... Some blue line as shown on pic.1 ?! ... Does it happens on a real A500?

(Btw. On ECS it just stops ... on OCS (1.3, 0.5mb only) it has scrolling text garbage -> pic.2.)
Yes and yes. (It does not work with 0.5M, it unpacks over CLI screen which corrupts data)

Not working on ECS: demo has a bug in code that copies color values to color registers, it writes past color registers, including writing zero to BEAMCON0 (ECS register) which changes screen mode to NTSC and demo hangs because it waits for vertical line number that is PAL only..
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