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just slightly wrong with your valuated pricing fella,

Itunes US pricing
Hmm. Thats weird. I wonder if its because I looked up the price on my iPad. Perhaps there's an iPad version of Modizer for $2.59.. or maybe the price has also been dropped. Not to worry. If I was aiming for a battle with Modizer (which I'm not - because I would lose) then I would drop the price. My app has been a hobby for a purpose - one of many hobbies.

I may change the icon on the next version. Not too worried though - the app does what I need it do, has a list of planned features I personally would like and if it works well for others, then thats cool. I'm not trying to retire out of the app thats for sure.

Thanks for the good wishes all the same. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.
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