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The first guy has said he uses "MAS-Player with some modifications for playing the MP3's", whichI don't think he details unless he's just on about the changes he made to the bit rate. Why shouldn't an A600 play mp3s anyway? I assumed if you can find the software the machine is capable.
And the second project makes the first one look simplistic. In case you can't be arsed to read it all, he has customized nearly everything! He made/setup his own leads, power supply, removable HD, remote control system, volume control and has even wrote his own software that you can download! He started to lose me with the specifics, but its still very interesting to read. The only thing I don't like is that he hasn't used it for anything other than mp3s, which seems to me a waste.
If anybody on EAB has done something similar please tell me about it!
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