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I would prefer staying with one version of the OS.

8000000B is the error which happens when SetPatch loads 68040.library and the proper libs are not installed.

Do what Zipper wrote: RTFM and install the libs correctly.

It should look like this in the end:
3> list libs:6#?
Directory "libs:" on Sonntag 10-Nov-13 
68040old.library                 43888 ----rwed 06-Jul-94  12:42:35
68040new.library                 86276 ----rwed 19-Okt-99  11:03:26
68060.library                   103636 ----rwed 19-Okt-99  11:03:24
68040.library                      748 ----rwed 19-Okt-99  11:03:24
4 files - 464 blocks used
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