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I must admit, I don´t know much about the Amiga has developed today. In mid nineties, I bought a brand new Amiga to perform as my one and only system.

I could not play old games on it, there was no WHDload. I could hardly look at any Webpage because Java and other plugins were missing. I could not watch MPEG videos. I could not produce mp3, though I had a tool to listen to them. I could not read pdf or alike formats available on the young web. Man, I could hardly do anything with it. Don´t know how it is today. I still have this Amiga, though in very bad condition, and I did not yet find time to do something with it again.

I bought a PC back then and that was it with Amiga until last year where I rediscovered Goal! and WinUAE and felt the old feeling again. The early nineties feeling. Not the mid-nineties one.
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