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Hi thomas

First off I was checking my setup and seen that I had scsi hdd 1 on cable connection 2 and hdd 2 on cable connection 1, so just in case that had anything to do with it I reinstalled os3.1 andded just the 060.library from your download above, disconnected the ide HDD and reboot, got error 08000 000B 081B4090 after a few seconds it reboots with next error 8000 000B 081B61B8

How can I check what version of csmk3 flash I have? I have downloaded the one above read the notes copied only the mk3 updates tool onto floppy read to go!

Before I do, there is one other peace of information that I completely forgot to add (sorry), my motherboard came with 3.9 ROMs which I have been using!

Many Thanks
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