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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This quite interesting. It has null pointer bug, A0 points to zero but it was supposed to be pointer to some structure. It loads long from $56(a0) (which is always $083400fc under KS1.3, loads from exception vectors), this gets passed to GetMsg, GetMsg() loads message list successor pointer from $083400fc+$10 and for some reason result is zero on real hardware.

Normally reading from non-existing memory returns last prefetched value, I guess reading from ROM or fast ram (083400fc becomes 003400fc = fast ram region on 24-bit address bus) works differently.

EDIT: I think it is now correctly emulated.
Now is fixed, that is great.
Just checking ... there is no any sound on a real Amiga also as on emu "fixed" parts during black/white slideshow, right?!

p.s. The WinUAE becomes every day better and better.

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