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Originally Posted by DonAmiga View Post
I have done the boot into ide copied all over to scsi and that worked
Do you mean the copying worked or does it boot without errors from SCSI now? Further down you wrote that you get the guru if you boot from IDE, too.

If I boot into ide and copy scsi wb over to ram I get error 8000 000B 8225C08 if I then try to boot into scsi.
Sure. Reading from the HDD does not change anything. But the copying worked without errors?

When booting to ide I have to do it two times before getting in! First time get error 8000 000B 8227E10
See above. Just an idea: does the guru also happen if you disable all SCSI partitions in the Early Startup Menu?

If you do the set echon on etc. on IDE, does it crash at the same command as SCSI (see below)?

When I do
set echo on
execute s:startup-sequence

I get error code 8000 000B 08227D60
When? Which is the last trace entry printed to the console before it crashes? This is the most important information!

BTW, 8000000B means that an unsupported FPU instruction was executed. Could it be that the FPU in your CPU is damaged? Or have you installed any FPU-related drivers or softwares which is called during boot?

Which 68060 lib do you use?
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