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Originally Posted by voyager View Post
Why not let the PI do this for us?
That's not new or Pi specific.
It's not that difficult to go thru a Proxy, and have your proxy do that.
Either remove content (like ads) or tweak pictures.. (resize, rotate, flip, etc)

I saw a great prank where someone did that and basically flipped all webpages upside down.

It's not too complicated in theory.
In practice tho, the webpages nowadays are much more complicated and frequently many parts of the webpage rely on other parts of the webpage...
In order to do it properly, your filter would basically have to re-render the entire page; replacing certain functions with others and removing other functions all together.

That being said, if you only want part of that, a proxy that removes ads isn't too complicated; privoxy does some of that out of the box.

And it probably wouldn't be too difficult to filter all images thru ImageMagick to drop the depth and possibly scale them down.
(The problem with scaling them down is that you really can't say "make all images 320x240", you have to find the current resolution, then decide what you want to scale it to. Whereas you could say make all pics 8bit...)

Then the browser just has to support any proxy. You don't need to build that special into your Amiga browser.

Here it is:
The part where they use squid to flip things upside down. You could do the same thing using convert to drop the depth..
Actually, I think in the line where they specify the flip, you could use "-depth 8" instead of "-flip" to convert everything to 8-bit.

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