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Hi thomas just tried everthing I think that you've asked for!

error "software failure, 8000 00B, task 08227D60" fails at the same point each time (with or without ide connected) as its starting up say 10 seconds in! after the amiga checks all connection led light, floppy, cd drive, scsi card reader and just goes into boot then fail.

I have done the boot into ide copied all over to scsi and that worked but as I read above about doing as fresh install not to get any future problems so formatted the drive and started over which is where Im at with the error message. On another note I do have one of Mech'es scsi card reader which I was thinking I could do cf-card with winuae boot from that and copy over if that would be best?

If I boot into ide and copy scsi wb over to ram I get error 8000 000B 8225C08 if I then try to boot into scsi.

When booting to ide I have to do it two times before getting in! First time get error 8000 000B 8227E10

When I do
set echo on
execute s:startup-sequence

I get error code 8000 000B 08227D60

I can boot without startup sequence and type "loadwb" I get "insert volume ENV" if I just cancel, it will load up workbench to show all the drives/directories

Many Thanks
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