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Hi All

I'm a bit of a 'noob' at this as my kids would say so please bear with me. Can someone please provide a link to 'The Zone' so I can download the latest NetSurf AGA beta.

Also can anyone advise if this version is more stable than the version currently in Amikit? The reason I am looking to download the latest AGA version is although Netsurf seems to be the only browser in AMikit that can display websites properly (like Google) it still seems unstable. For example it doesn't seem to like and won't let me click on the the pulldown menus (under Music) to access the latest mods uploaded.

I am trying to find a reliable site where I can find regular amiga mod updates for download and play in EaglePlayer under Amikit and ideally do all of this within the AMikit environment wihtout resprting to Windoze so would be grateful if anyone can advise me on that too.

Sorry for the flurry of questions and thanks in advance for any help offered.

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