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Originally Posted by gjb1985 View Post
I;m basically a person who grew up with amiga 500-1200 as a kid and I want to play the games without switching disks and also want to play the aga games that I also grew up with. so I need an amiga 1200. if I install the ram upgrade will the amiga automatically recognize it?
With a Blizzard MkIV then yes I seem to remember its just plug and play. With the ACA cards I do not know as I haven't had one - you see comments about needing ACAtune (software) and sometimes timing fixes - Steve knows all about these cards.

Someone with more knowledge will comment shortly - I have moved on to a Blizzard 1260 which is massive overkill for what you want. But hey what's wrong with overkill? Am currently playing around with C64 games running on an emulator on my a1200.....
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