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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post

I offer a Compact flash setup service, as long as you own an original workbench disk set I can do it for you, I have generic 4gb CF cards and IDE adapters/cables in stock, I charge £12 for the CF card complete with the adapter and cable and £10 for the installation + postage charges. Airmail in EU should be £3.50

If I can help just PM me

Or you can follow my YouTube guide and source the bits your self:

[ Show youtube player ]

To be honest you wont find the CF kit much if any cheaper elsewhere as I bought them in bulk from china hence why I can offer this price.

I only offer this price however when my setup service is taken.

Good luck with your project
forgive me my noob knowledge here but does that mean if I buy your flashcard with attachment so I can put it in my amiga 1200(?) that I can play all the games pretty much without going to the hassle of installing all games myself via emu and then in amiga?

so all I need is just an amiga 1200. I also have questions what is the best video output is there vga or only rgb to rgb?
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