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Originally Posted by Lord Riton View Post
Panzer dragoon saga, what an incredible game , and so well done technicaly too for the sega saturn. Prouved to me the Saturn could do better than the playstation if programmed well (had both consoles). Loved it !

Shenmue is also one of the games i liked a lot to play, unfortunatly Shenmue 2 never came out in France, or at least i never could find it.

But FF7 is probably still better than all those

Really nice collection of consoles/computers/games you have there
my 3 favorite games in order are:

shenmue (2)
panzer dragoon saga

after that come ico, shining force 3 and others. there are tons of amazing games. you should try and get shenmue 2 if you have a dreamcast. I'm sure it was also released in france. it was released everywhere in europe and sold rather well. here in netherlands it was sold out of stock a few times. I couldn't even get it at release date
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