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i've just posted about a meet up about 20 mins ago :-)

will be on Sat 23rd November :-)

Victoria hotel (great george street) LS1 3DL 7:30 till closing

also, every meet up we do a tat lucky dip too, everyone has to gift wrap either a game or a game/computer related item and then we do a lucky dip. always a laugh to see what rubbish we can find, last time i gave away garbarge truck simulator on the pc. Rule is now no sports games though as its no fun picking up fifa every month.

come along will be fun.


i do kind of regret selling those games, but i sort of went on a purge and got rid of pretty much all of my 8bit computers (sold my electron collection i had since i was 4, about 80 original games too), but kept chuckie egg and the machine. sold my spectrum with about 200 games, atari st, zx81, 2 x amiga 500 (only kept 1200) and a bbc.
Essentially all of the disk and tape based media pretty much went, was sad to see my lucasfilm games go (again had since i bought them new as a kid) but good to see that they went to friends and people on amibay where they will be loved. My 1200 disk drive stopped working so i thought why not sell up those games and stick in a cf hdd.

Glad to have got a bit of space back though and i will always have my memories of all of those games and i can still play them if i want at least
(still not installed it mind, but the thought is there)
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