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Amiga's in cars

I wouldn't be suprised if someone has posted these before or if someone knows the people. I found this while searching for Workbench 2.1?! Anyway after a quick look I couldn't help but read the about the whole projects. The first guy has turned a fairly standard A600 with 2MB of RAM and no hard drive into an Mp3 player, route mapper and games machine for his car! He uses a 4 speed CD-ROM drive for all his software except a floppy disk to start the CD-ROM.
The other project is linked on the first site, this time its an A1200 030 with 4MB of RAM and an 8GB laptop hard drive. Everything runs off the hard drive, the floppy has been removes to make it boot faster. This one has been heavily customized, he has made his own power supply and written his own software. This is purely an Mp3 player.

Enjoy (hopefully)
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