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Originally Posted by bobpard View Post
my 'games room' has been moved from room to room with the birth of each child and has now been relegated to the loft (which i did convert) but its now so full of clutter, old toys etc that its kind of been made redundant. so im looking to get it sorted out again as a little man cave:

looks like this at the moment

with a couple of crts and a vectrex on the other side. there are console boxes stacked up on each side of the picture out of view. behind where im standing though is a mountain of old kids clothes, toys and artwork.
Wow that's a lot of games!!! in fact I think it's all the games!!

You need to clear the toys and clothes mate and get yourself a couple of game playing chairs

You could put the art work on the walls?

Just a thought, there's a lot of weight in all that, did you reinforce the joists before boarding over?
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