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Retrofan's SuperPlus Configuration

Ok Ratte, thanks a lot. With your last post now I've got SuperPlus working and it looks really nice, full screen of course. I've added to the Pal mode the config of Hansel that is the best IMHO.

The only "but" is that my booting picture (AmigaSYS or AmiKit Real) now isn't full screen (almost, but it's the same on WinUAE), and is off centered.

So this is the for so long awaited working config of SuperPlus Full screen (Workbench and also Games) attached.

First, of course, install the Indivision Config and later update it to the V1.2beta from here:

If you have any problem to run the installer of the Config/Flash tool V1.1beta, you can copy and run this Installer Script (with icon):
Edit: Attached also in "Files" rar.

Finally copy the SuperPlus mode to your Sys: Devs/Monitors and reboot.
Edit: Attached also in "Files" rar.

Then you just have to open the "Indivision" program in prefs (updated to V1.2 -just install the V1.2 over the existing-), right click on it's top bar, "Config", "Open Config" and search for my config (you've unpacked it in your Pc and copied it to wherever in your miggy). Then press at the bottom right, on "Apply", click on Pal mode (left column), "Test", then save the config.
In Screenmode prefs (in your System:Prefs) select SuperPlus HighResLaced (800x600). Test it first before saving it.

With this same config you can try also if you want HighGFX 800x600, installing it to your Sys: Devs/Monitors; you just have to untick the default 1024x768 and use 800x600 in Screenmode prefs.

Thanks again Ratte and Hansel as well for your help.

Edit: Remember this post:

Originally Posted by Paradroid View Post
Ich habe schon mehrfach geschrieben, dass SuperPlus nicht unterstützt wird. Im Moment ist auch nicht geplant, dass das mal passiert. Die Spezifikation des Flickerfixers ist älter als der Mode. Wenn Du jetzt an der Spec etwas verändern willst, kostet das Aufwand, und Aufwand wird in unserer Welt mit Geld aufgewogen.

Kurz: Wenn hier jemand SuperPlus will, dann muss Geld gesammelt werden. Neuer Screenmode-Detektor im FPGA-Core und Erweiterung des Tools, das ist eine Größe, die ich im Moment nichtmal in Geld ausdrücken kann, weil ich die Zeit nicht habe, mir einen Überblick über den Aufwand zu verschaffen.

Google translation: "I've written several times that SuperPlus is not supported. At the moment there are no plans of that happening once. The specification of the Indivision is older than the mode. If you now want to change something in the specs, it costs effort and expense is outweighed in our world with money.

In short, if anyone here wants SuperPlus, then money must be collected. New screen mode detector in the FPGA core and extension of the tools, which is a size that I can not even express in money at the moment because I have not the time to give me an overview of the effort."


So well, here you've got the SuperPlus config working.

Remember it is very important later to adjust with Overscan in Prefs the settings of the Pal screen to fit your screen.

Edit: I've changed again the config as some games had the top with some lines less. Now the screen is centered and both borders up and down of games like Aliens Breed Tower assault are visible.

EDIT (Sept 24, 2014): Today I've made another config, "HighGFX800x600". This is usefull when you need to run a booting screen like AmigaSYS or AmiKit Real have. It can only run 800x600 using HighGFX Super-High Res Laced and unticking the default 1024x768 and using instead 800x600. It gives a Pal Interlaced mode that you can try with Booting images with a size 720x540 or similar. The config is based on my SuperPlus config and I've changed only the Pal Interlaced mode. SuperPlus can't work now, but HighGFX does just like it was doing with the previously attached SuperPlus config.
I need this config to use Rainboot and it gives an almost full screen now for it while booting with images.

Edit: It looks like an incoherence as I say that you can install the SuperPlus config and use the HighGFX 800x600 mode, so why do you need to install the HighGFX config? Because they aren't the same, they will look the same but you only see the difference if you try to use a bootscreen program.
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