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Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post
Thank you very very much, Don_Adan !!!!!

About 5 month ago, I also played snes version again and again (searched at all platforms!!),too,
because I thought my question(about amiga demo) might be solved
to confirm whether 2nd secret stage exists at the first 6 stages in snes version or not.
Then I got same results, so I am tired about system3 for this reason,too.(this summer)

And I am happy that I can know about all stages about amiga version.
Snes version has 35 stages and secret rooms.
I am a bit surprised that the number of stages are almost same.
If there are some Amiga version exclusive stages, it seems under 5 stages, I thought.

Thanks anyway, mystery is solved.
No problem. From my memory only Putty Squad demo from Amiga Action can be different from others PS demos. If I remember right Amiga Action version used MFM protection, but I overwritten this demo (as some other rare demos too) many years ago and no dumped version of this demo on the net is available.
About PS 4th level/map, it can be planned level to add or special level, due no name for this level, similar like for some others levels too.
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