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Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post
Winuae has crashed? At least my winuae+whdload+my own adf didn't.

Ah I remember a weird thing.
Magazine's description says "8 Levels Demo", however,
there were only 7 levels I could find.

Dear Codetapper,

Your description of WHDload's slave also says "this is an 8 level demo".

Did you confirm existance of 8th stage? (perhaps 2nd secret room somewhere)?

I have already pushed "up" key (of joystick) at all platforms, btw.
Only 7 levels is availbale on demo disk, here is the dir:
.DIR 512
BLK01.DAT 43822 ProPack (RNC)
BLK02.DAT 26056 ProPack (RNC)
CHIPCODE 249174 ProPack (RNC)
FASTCODE 385200 ProPack (RNC)
MAP01.DAT 1852 ProPack (RNC)
MAP02.DAT 2367 ProPack (RNC)
MAP03.DAT 980 ProPack (RNC)
MAP05.DAT 2448 ProPack (RNC)
MAP06.DAT 3273 ProPack (RNC)
MAP07.DAT 2768 ProPack (RNC)
MAP08.DAT 2677 ProPack (RNC)
PAR01.DAT 13276 ProPack (RNC)
PAR02A.DAT 7987 ProPack (RNC)
PAR02B.DAT 7987 ProPack (RNC)
PuttySquad 4920 Executable
755299 16 files

Total: 1 dir, 16 files, 755.299 bytes
List making time 0,01 min. (Spis 1.0 by Inikep/Genetic)

No MAP04.txt level on demo disk, it can be any special level, maybe boss.
Here are all level codes or level names:

Tomb of King Phut
Halls of Silence
Lost Lavatories of Phut

Bazaar Al Kebab
The Wailing Tower
Palace of Baghdad
Kebabs 'R' Us

Downtown Klud
Fortress of Klud
Upper Klud
Lower Klud
Mr Spleen's Ex-house

Jungles of Squirt
Watchtower of Squirt

Dr Sushi's Lab of Terror
Dr Sushi's Scarier Lab
Dr Sushi's Dinner of Fear
Dr Sushi's Snack of Death
Dr Sushi's Medicine Cupboard

The House of Fun
Fun Land
Ghost Train
The Sputum Pool

Major Smith's Escape Tunnel
Major Smith's Decoy Tunnel
Major Smith's Sticky End

Gateway to the North
The Guard Rooms
Upper Reaches

Night Flight
The Tower of London
Traitor's Gate
The Drop

Jumble Street
Napalm's Pad
Old Moon Street
Napalm's Kitchen
Flimbo's Rest
The Library
Napalm's Den
Napalm's Pantry
The Scret Cupboard

Cloud Castle
Pup Headquarters
The Kennels

Wizard's Frozen Garden
Castle Of Scatterflash
The Fortifications
The Way to the Depths
The Shrubbery

The Depths of Despair
The Sunken Brewery

Chambers of Scatterflash
The 27th Dimension
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