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Here's Matt's reply:

Hi Ian - hope you are well.

Needless to say it was long enough ago that I could be wrong on some of this, but as far as remember it was complete, and If it wasn't complete it was certainly pretty much there. I can for SURE we didn't review the demo as I know I had personally played te demo to death and remember very clearly being excited when we got the new disks and loaded up new content! I certainly don't remember it being a 'bits and pieces' review - which we sometimes had to do where the code came to us split up across disks and with very little polish in the way of menus, etc. so I think it was at least a near-finished version.
I remember it being very good, very professionally put together, loading and flowing well etc etc.
Disk-wise, again it's a little hazy but my immediate thought is it was on two floppies, but I think we actually had it installed on an A1200 hard disk as we were just starting at that time to get more games that was possible with (I think I still have one of the only versions on Microprose Pizza Tycoon sitting on my A1200!)
So, basically I think what you're saying is correct: it was a finished master we reviewed from (or VERY close to it) and yes, I think it was on two floppies.
I could look too closely at the forum as on my phone right now, but someone was suggesting the reason they thought the review was from the demo. There's a very good chance that they are right in that the screenshots COULD have been from the demo. Back then screengrabbing wasn't the breeze it is today, and sometimes we would do some grabbing for the assets we already had (ie preview code or demo code) and as long as the final game hadn't changed drastically we would use that for print. Especially if the game and in quite close to deadline and we wanted to spend as much time playing the game rather than grabbing and converting and editing (which was severe ball ache back in the day!)
Hope that's of use/interest.
Out on interest, why does anyone still care about this?
Matt B
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