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Hello - Help I'm drowning in Amiga'ness!

Hey All,

I thought I'd sign up to the forums, (so many Amiga ones out there), rather than be a background reader.

My days date back to a speccy 48k and 128k +2 which then got replaced my my Amiga 500. I still have the 500 although it's turned a strange shade of orange!!! At some stage I bought a 1200 from a car boot sale with the intention of getting back into the Amiga scene but it didn't really happen.

About 8 years ago I started trying to archive my Amiga disks. It was a job I never completed and even back then they were suffering from bit rot and mould. I have just started the project again and they are even worse, even the ones that worked 8 years ago.......

Fortunetly I have my archives from back then and appear to have a few demos that I can't see in the lastest TOSEC so hopefully I can upload them at some point.

I do have a few questions about all this as well but I'll post in the forums to prevent having the longest introductions........

I'm quite surprised how many Amiga sites there are on the web, it's a great thing. I do wonder why they isn't one big collaboration though but I guess I'll find out those answers as I settle in.

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