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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Did the magazine reviews show any proof of levels that are missing in the demo? I don't think so. As far as I know, they just reviewed the demo version. It would actually help if anybody that actually wrote a Putty Squad review back in the day can tell us more information. Anything else is JUST speculation.
Matt Broughton reviewed the game for The One and he's in my Skype contacts list. I'll ask him. (He's now a guitar teacher!)

I have a feeling I asked him in the past (no Skype history to check sorry) and I believe he said it was "almost" the final version. Often they got the not-quite-complete version when last minute tweaks might be made but not often affecting the gameplay.

Occasionally they would be sent a bunch of files that ran each level of the game but not as one continuous loading game. Hopefully my memory isn't playing tricks! I'll post here when I get a reply from him if he remembers anything.

Update: After re-reading the review again, there's a few inconsistencies to suggest it wasn't 100% complete. It states there are 36 levels + about 20 bonus rooms that almost count as levels. That's quite different from the 67 levels quoted elsewhere, unless they included the bonus rooms and the 20 is more like 30! Super Putty is mentioned instead of Putty Squad on the first page. But they do have pictures from other levels at least.

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