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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
That's no proof at all of the existence of the FULL GAME. Not even in 1994. And since we don't have a time machine (and travel back in time seems not scientifically plausible ) the game does not exist.
Of course full game exist in 1994 year, you can check main file from demo.
Or check exactly (right page, right top) of this review:

Full version must have minimum 2 disks to stored all necessary MAPS/BLKS/PAR files, can be more if extra anims are used. But two disks is enough, and I never heard about extra anims for Amiga versions. Only PC version has nice intro.

I checked both (7 levels) demos of this game from AMR, and full version has 67 levels. This demo engine can handle without problems other levels too. Then only data (MAPS, BLKS, PAR) files are missed. You can try to convert these files from SNES, iphone or PSX version, only Amiga music (stored in BLKS files) can be problem, but maybe Jason Page still have music for this game.

And finally, the main reason for me, why this game was never published is legal reason only. This game/demo contains 3 mods files, two are from Jason Page and third (stored inside FASTCODE) is from Andrew Barnabas from Dens Design. This is ripped music from Cool Spot game by Virgin. I don't think that System 3 has rights to using this music for this game.
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