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Here's his statement that was just published on Facebook:

Dear Friends and fans of System 3

In our excitement for the launch of a re-imagined Putty Squad, we set about doing something that we believed would reward the dedicated fans around the world. In an interview with Retro Gamer magazine, we announced that every pre-order would receive the original Putty Squad intended for release on the Amiga, on an Amiga disk, in the originally intended box. This would’ve been a brilliant achievement, and we were so passionate about making it happen. Sadly, we’re not able to deliver on this ambition.

Three issues meant we have had to retract this offer. Much like the last hurrah of the Amiga software market, it isn’t economically possible to create Amiga disks anymore. The prices were far too high and supply was very short. We also had issues creating a master disk to go to manufacture so that even if this disk price and shortage was not an issue our systems cannot now master an Amiga game. And finally retail were not very keen on supporting an Amiga disk as a promotion. They they had no way of checking if a disk was returned as faulty and may have been forced to refund the promotion.

Game Stores and System 3 are looking at offering another pre order offer and this will be announced by the end of the week. For announcing this Amiga pre-order idea through Retro Gamer and not being able to carry through on this promise, I and everyone here at System 3 is deeply sorry.


Mark Cale
No comment needed I guess...
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