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Originally Posted by andy82 View Post
1) The game wasn't finished. But this was contradicted by John Twiddy in 2001 when he said that he had the sources and data files to build a full Amiga version. That old thread is still available on this board.

Maybe the game really hasn't been finished. The best idea would be to ask Twiddy about it but AFAIK he's still working for Cale so.... there you go.
John Twiddy told Riempie that he had the source on DAT tapes and for a while it appeared that he would help release the game. Then he went completely silent. I don't believe anyone on here has had a reply from him since.

If the game was not finished, then why did Mark Cale say he was waiting for the game to come back from the duplicator? He either lied about sending the game to the duplicator (extremely likely), lied about the disk's existance, or both. He's exposed as a liar either way!

All this talk of "I want to release it to the Amiga community" yet everything he does is the exact opposite. Lies, deception, misinformation, going behind publishers backs each time to hype the game more. If he really wanted Amiga users to have it, he would release it as an ADF. Imagine the huge PR he would gain by ACTUALLY releasing it for free as an ADF!

I'm with Paul_s on this. He needs to come out and be grilled on this and just put us out of our misery once and for all.
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