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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
So his story would have changed from "nobody would stock the game back in 1994" (had he not heard of mail order?) to "we're releasing it with the collector's edition" to "we can't find floppy disks" to "we don't have permission"? Gimme a break!
No, that's not what I meant. Of course this whole announcement was a pure publicity stunt to push the sales of Putty Squad for the other platforms. Of course he knew beforehand that he wouldn't give away the Amiga Putty Squad.

What I wanted to say was this: There must be some rational reason why Putty Squad hasn't been released yet. I don't think Cale is really that sadistic and likes to torture Amiga fans by taking the full version to the grave with him. I think he must have some logical, rational reason for not releasing this. Several of these rational reasons come to mind:

1) The game wasn't finished. But this was contradicted by John Twiddy in 2001 when he said that he had the sources and data files to build a full Amiga version. That old thread is still available on this board.

2) Sources and data files that Twiddy claimed to have in possession have been lost.

3) Sources and data files are in Cale's possession but he doesn't have any employee who has the skills to make a build.

4) Sources aren't in a finished state. They have a release candidate that was sent to the magazines but that is not ready for the customer.

5) There are legal issues that prevent a release.


There could be lots of things that prevent him from releasing it. Of course he's lying about it but I think he has a somewhat rational reason. He isn't sadistic. He could've made the game into quite some money back in the 90s. He didn't. Maybe the game really hasn't been finished. The best idea would be to ask Twiddy about it but AFAIK he's still working for Cale so.... there you go.
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