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My favourite Joysticks have always been the Quickshot 1 and Quickshot 2 (of course, many never survived and only ever stayed on the C64)

I currently use another type of Quickshot on the Amiga (which has survived everything). It's lasted for *at least* 10 years

I also have a brand new, never opened Quickshot Python 1 which will be my backup joystick when my current one dies

I think Quickshot were the greatest. I haven't used the PC versions as I think they'll just suck (but you never know)

If you ask my friends, they'll say The Competition Pro thingy (is that the one? It was black and had 2 red buttons on the front of it...Kinda looked like this...too lazy to find a pic)

| O O | <-- Buttons
| x | <-- Joystick thingy

ah crap. It doesn't come out right. Figure it out
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