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It seems 2.7 will be ready in next few weeks. 68020 cycle-exact seems to work without breaking anything too seriously and many AGA demos work much better. (Of course it is still quite far from perfect but that is not immediate goal)

Beta 11:

- 68000/010 CPU core merge accidentally removed 68000 CLR to memory and Scc to memory dummy read-modify-write behavior.
- Sometimes after autoswitch (unconfigured mouse left button press) mouse was configured correctly but mouse input was kept disabled.
- Using stick/dpad to autoswitch now requires move, release, move inside 0.5s window to prevent accidental switches.
- Some more autoswitch bugs fixed.
- Switching bitplane DMA on just before DDFSTRT handling improved. (Saigon Megademo "Shir Khan" part)
- 68030 + more compatible without cycle-exact was unstable.
- Flush 68020/030 caches and refill prefetch buffers when switching CPU modes (cycle-exact/more compatible) on the fly.
- 68020 cycle-exact improvements.
- Bitplane graphics was horizontally shifted if program switched from lores to hires less than 4 cycles before bitplane DMA starts. (Chipset emulation was correct but drawing code saw invalid lores to hires switch and I kept looking for bug in wrong place..)
- Stupid code fixed in CD image audio code that coud cause random crashes.
- CD image audio start was delayed if audio was compressed (zip/mp3/flac/whatever) and start position was at the very end of previous track.
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