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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Just follow the instructions of Step 3 and use instead of (example given in the how to).

By filter, I think RCK meant the dropdown box in which to type the address.

I just learnt something interesting by doing the test myself.
It seems that to reach the server (North of France), my ISP network send the packets to Lyon (Lyons in English) which is North of me (and South of the server). But then it goes back to Marseilles (very South of France and South of me)

And there is a rivalry between the two cities about which one is the second major city in France. Seems like the network structure of my ISP has decided .

I've attach the results of the ping test. The first one was during a delay and the second one was after the delay. The first line is my router which the number of pings keeps accumulating, which I don't understand because all the other lines seem to show only the results for each test. The second line I think is my DSL modem which shows a high loss. I checked the modem and according to it for over an hour the DSL communications was perfect. No bad packets or dropped packets.

The only thing I noticed different between the two tables is during the delay the program window didn't blink as it updated, but the numbers changed. After the delay the program window blinked during each updates.

How does the program work? Does it send one ping at a time and each node response to it and then sends the ping on to the next one? Or does it send one ping at a time to each node that it finds? Judging by the numbers I'd say one ping hits all the nodes.
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