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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Ok, didnt know for that ... so now tested it again but on CPU Freq. 1x (=A500/2) and AGA ... no problemos! (but now a lot of problems on chessboard rotation cube) ... so it is weird a little?!
I don't think you understood it. It means blitter has nearly twice more bandwidth = finishes line drawing and filling much faster = no glitches. It does not change clock rates at all. It only reduces wait states.

There is nothing weird.

AGA blitter is exact same as ECS one. It is bitplane DMA having 32 (2x)/64 (4x) bit fetch modes on AGA that speeds up the blitter because bitplane DMA uses _less_ DMA cycles, leaving more for blitter, copper and CPU (if it accesses chip RAM).
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