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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
In some ways they are less feature rich, but in other ways they are infinitely better. The fact you don't have to do any special tricks to display sprites down the screen in different locations is very powerful. That's the reason SWIV has so many bullets (all sprites) on the screen. On the C64, you have to do horrendous timing hacks to multiplex sprites vertically.

It would have been nice if the sprites had their own palette, were wider, stretchable etc but we're stuck with what Jay came up with! With imagination, you can do some cool tricks however, especially re-using sprites horizontally!

On each scanline of the display, the Amiga hardware has to read the sprite data for each of the 8 sprites as well as doing the same for audio. With faster memory accesses they could have done more, but perhaps that bottleneck was too difficult to overcome back in 1984?

The Menace article by Dave Jones started in Amiga Format issue 7 on page 63.
But on the 2600 and Atari 400/800 they had independent palettes and also MSX, Memotech, Coleco ADAM, 464PLUS, C64, TI99/4A they all use independent palettes. I really can't think of a 70s machine, let alone 80s, that didn't have an independent palette, very unusual. Combined with the fundamental issue of disappearing sprites during pixel scroll it seems to me it was an unfinished abandoned element for the other graphical tricks to up the ante.

It's not a negative thing to me as such, for me the copper,blitter, 'any sound possible' sound hardware idea it is to me more versatile and ultimately more powerful than even the X68000 copy SF2 type hardware to make a system that couldn't do Lotus II NTSC from Amiga looking at their Chase HQ and the excellent F1 clone called Overtake.

Any way there isn't too much chipset bandwidth required for the game I was thinking of coding up to brush up on coding so I will use EHB mode inversely so there will be enough colours and the highlight effect I need.

It probably is more apparent as I am doing some nice F1 cars on the C64 for a project. As you say it might be a case of swings and roundabouts because 75% of the surface of the VIC-II silicon relates to having that advanced sprites system. The Amiga just happens to have them but it isn't the heart of the graphics system like a C64 I guess, maybe it's a freebie like HAM mode and that's how I should view it.
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