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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
James Pond III amiga is a quick and dirty port of the genesis version. No more, no less.
That doesn't mean it would still work on an ECS machine. Someone with in-depth Amiga knowledge should answer best, but number of colours, parallax and shit like that are not the ONLY defining reasons why a production might be AGA only. Size of sprites, blitter capabilities, no idea. There COULD be reasons why. Guessing is just pointless. All I say is that JPII IDOES look like it could be benefiting from the upgraded A1200 hardware.

Genesis conversions are not always possible straight to ECS ("quick and dirty"), but on the A1200 they were more feasible (reason why Aladdin and Lion King are in AGA)

So what is the difference between 1MB Jungle Strike and 2MB Jungle Strike? Why would they make two versions if they are identical? Is it a scam?
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