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Originally Posted by sokolovic View Post
Galahad : thanks for the precision. This one is really wired because I can't see the point of releasing a game as AGA only and doing so, leaving off the market of ECS amiga owners... At least Jungle Strike, Burning Rubber and Jungle Strike had an ECS version.

Akira : It's just that there is nothing "AGA" in James Pond III. I clearly don't see where there is anything special in that game that make him require the AGA chipset. The only thing I can think of is that the levels are huge, so it make me think the only thing that this game required was 2MB chip ram.
I don't see how can this game could'nt match it for ECS Amiga (and if I record correctly, in the previews, Millenium were speaking about an AGA version with parallaxes and an ECS version without. The final AGA seems to be the ECS one...)
yes, james pond 3 lacks parallax those which have megadrive and snes versions...seems this is a ECS version
when you start this game in ECS+2mb says james pond 3 amiga 1200 and freezes
I think if anyone bypass this treat the game could run on ECS

this treat is something like runing 0S3.9 on kickstart 3.0, developers no let OS39 work in kick 3.0 only for marketing purposes, but in this case you can hack it bypass it easily
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