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I am a professional 3d artist so anything is possible.

My images started off with generic backgrounds as it was more about the sprites. Now i'm upping the anti & getting stuck into what these games meant to me when i was a kid, making them more personal.

I know what you mean about the platforms, doing all the platforms of every game is maybe something for the future. I keep on meaning to do more c64 & zx spectrum games, which I will get round to..

For Halloween i have come re-done Splatterhouse. This not only was a great game but i think it about summed up what halloween should be like.

I was also a great excuse to test out my new 3d volumetric light setup. Now my sprites can not only be dynamically lit by their surroundings but i can also add misty light effects.

I'm not sure which of these to go for so i'm going to put it to the vote, A,B or C?

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