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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
The Amiga sprites are quite odd, they are actually less feature rich than the 8 bit computers where they had independent palettes and never got wiped from the screen when scrolling.
Sprites get wiped from the screen when scrolling? What makes you believe that? Maybe you mean bobs.

And the shared palette really isn't that bad, is it? The shared palette only happens with 5 bitplanes. I'd rather have 32 colors where 12 are shared with sprites than have just 16 colors and 12 sprite colors.

The primary problem with Amiga hardware sprites are their size.

EDIT: I understand now. You meant losing one hardware sprite when smooth scrolling a screen that's 320px wide. Okay. But tt's still possible to load the sprite in manual mode using the CPU or copper.

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