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Thanks for the bkg's, quite a privilege to see 1 of those for the first time. I said the same to Turrican3, but as far as I know, the backgrounds for the arcade are not available on the net anywhere. Turrican3 ripped a good deal of the moving/foreground objects, so you won't need to get those (of course if you want to for the sake of completeness that's up to you - you're not exactly slowing me down). Anyway at some point I'm sure the arcade rips would be appreciated out there somewhere.

Re. the sprites. You can send the whole image file or you can cut the duplicate frames - but (and for the same reason I said no kidding before) as you've pointed out; I'm obviously not putting any duplicate frames into the Amiga's memory! For the 32 colour version there will likely still be some cuts, unfortunately. But nothing too drastic. Nice work!
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