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Ok, i have sent to Paul the graphics (levels) i ripped up to now, with no compromise on colors, and better, the levels are now 224 pix in height (this will fit the amiga screen).

There is between 19 and 53 colors mostly on each stage as said, i will continue to rip and make perfect level maps, best than everything you can find on the net. I'll continue the sprites once finished with the levels, because those are way longer to rip, and i want to make it perfect

about them, there won't be any animation frame lost You wanna know why ?

Because inside your program, you will code simply that the image 'X' must be played 3 times, and i will then be able to removed the duplicate frames from the sprite image file and then it will seriously decrease the sprites files size and the amiga will have no problem at all to play the sequence

Let me know what you think about this very neat idea And Turri3 too
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