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Originally Posted by Lielo View Post
All right, I've got a plan (which under no circumstances shall we stick to)...

Denis – carry on 'sipping' the backgrounds from the roms, creating 64 colour sets of the stages and the characters however you see fit. My thoughts: Go ahead with creating an individual palette for each stage. If from there you can come up with a general character palette that works across the board even better. And if you start running out of colours you can always resort to the sort of palette sharing discussed earlier.

Turrican3 – the 32 colour version is still the work horse and will go ahead. The gfx will need to be re-worked as before. A few more goons, and a shed load of backgrounds...

Akira – you know your thing. And if you get time (how dare you) then help with the pixel work would also be welcome.

The focus is on HD version first, and hopefully with some careful packaging of the files (and reduction of the content) there can be an .adf version later – if people want it.

Basically, ignore what I said and just help make it all work however you can. I'll take some time to experiment and try to learn something new- it will be like going to Yarmouth. We've bashed out a lot of ideas and I think we just need a bit of time to relax and try things. I don't want to be working on more than 1 version of the game but if by the power of grey skull the 64 colour version becomes viable then you're all just going to shoot me. If the gfx are there I can experiment, and the code will be (mostly) be portable.

Does that sound rosy?

Now if you aren't all plotting to kill me already, maybe we need a name... how about the Goon Squad! No..? What about 'Tapeshit' software? Howling Wind and the Wrong 'un?
i'm ok with road map, i'll continue to do my best to help...
I don't think it will be a necessary to kill you. For the moment.

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