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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
i understand now what i found between each of the sprite frame. It's the hitbox and camera values... can it be implemented on amiga ? i wonder.....
It may perhaps confirm one thing however, that the 'hitbox' values are changing depending on the animation. If that's true then this engine is indeed using something very similar, which clears up a concern - I've been wondering if the arcade used something like sprite to sprite collision detection (and it could well do, in combination with the hitbox or otherwise to regulate the 'depth' of the characters on screen). Camera is also plausibly this 'z buffer' depth.

The 'proximity detection' used in this engine basically detects the difference between the character x,y and z co-ordinates and detects a collision based on the result during attacking frames. The size of the collision area depends on the attack, but needs some refining especially regarding the standard goon attacks which are 'one size fits all' right now.
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