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@ edd_jedi – I can make a video but if anyone wants to just go ahead. I know I've put a few up on my channel but I'm not bothered about having them exclusive or whatever.
@ Bamiga2002 + laffer – What really got me about Final Fight is just how involved the gameplay is, a real precursor to StreetFighter 2. I think a lot of people (and in particular the Amiga mags of the time) missed that. It's primarily that which I want this game to capture.
@ Jbenam – Glad you liked the music, it was certainly no worse than the arcade tune I remade, and smaller. It would be a lot better done by a real tracker man.

@ dlfrsilver - re. fast ram etc. - Until there is a finished version of at least the game engine there seems little point in getting distracted. I'd rather push on with creating a stable engine and get the gameplay nice. Fast ram + fast system means all sorts of exciting possibilities (possibilities being the key word here) for the graphics – but that won't make any difference if the game blows. There's no point in giving the poor thing an identity crisis at this stage.
That means the intended is platform is vanilla AGA, so why not .adf?

Even so, I think you'll find that creating several sprite packages for each level is unnecessary; as I said, there will be a lot of colour overlap. It just seems sloppy.
But I'll eat my words if it becomes necessary in the code – say the 'sprites' (which could then be loaded very tidily as a large package for each stage) was the only way I could manage to get them
into the memory efficiently. But right now with it all to do, this seems like a way out of coding.

You probably think I'm a masochist and we all have our preferences. This is as much for a hobby as anything else – there doesn't seem much point in making it easy. (Perhaps a strange thing for a Blitz coder to say) I know you want to just remake everything in 64 colours, but if I start that now and it fails it's another waste of time. I'm treading carefully – I know it's a pain, and a lot to ask.
There's always the possibility of a deluxe version later – if the thing works, after which it may be liberating to try.

@ Akira – re. Gfx; That's pretty much it, and well put. I'll try to document the colours used in some way soon. re. The music, I said I'd like the drums & bass unaffected, but actually anything goes. You can try out a track with the demo by re-naming it to the mod in the sounds file.

@ Raislin77it – Thanks for that! Got a debug version of MAME running but haven't yet managed to access the stage debug display you mentioned. However I've been able to access the alternative scroll test and object test which is very useful (for Guy at least, I can't seem to select any other character). It shows the animation of each move relative to the starting position. Wish I'd known about the scroll test when I was trying to screen capture every stage (what an amateur!).
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