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Originally Posted by RCK View Post
One kind of emulation, not the real thing. (c)Akira
Can you turn off anti-virus / anti-malware, or any other kind of network protection (peerblock, etc.) ?
All that has already been turned off. The only thing that I have running is W7's FireWall.

From this end the data is simply not getting here without the occasional delay, the traffic capture shows a long delay on the last line and watching the modem lights confirms that. What's strange is the traffic capture shows as much as a 60s delay and the web page shows a 0.3s delay. It kind of makes me wonder if there's a thread collision in the code on the server that measures the time it takes to send a chunk of data. This could be causing the delay and causing the timer to start timing after the delay occurs.

I don't think the delay is between us because a whole bunch of data comes in immediately after clicking with little delay until the last line. I assume each time the server is going to send data it tells IE in which case IE starts it's timer and then stops the timer when the data has been sent. This delay doesn't happen every time, it seems to be a lot worse in the morning here and best in the afternoon here. You're about 8 hours ahead so the worst times are in the late afternoon there and the best times are late at night there. I assume server activity is highest in the late afternoon there.

Normally I would blame my end for strange problems like this, but I've had no problems with any other web page except ones that have "" in their addresses. I assume those web pages are on your server.

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