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I managed to build WinUAE using Visual Studio 2013. I set it to optimise for speed and use link-time code generation, but didn't use profile-guided optimisation. (Done properly, PGO should improve speed.)

The executable should be compatible with Windows XP (tested in a Windows POSReady 2009 VM). It's WinUAE 2.7 beta 10 plus uaeunp compile fix from Toni's git repository. I have only tested it minimally; it runs and I could load a demo from floppy disk. And also a NetBSD HDF seemed to boot okay.

I haven't done any benchmarking to assess whether it's any faster than the official WinUAE 2.7b10 executable (which was built with an earlier version of Visual Studio). If anyone feels like doing that I'd be interested in the results.

I have uploaded an archive containing the WinUAE executable, source and winuaeinclibs files to The Zone. Edit: Also uploaded to and Multiupload. Copy winuae.exe into your WinUAE directory and test it. If you reproduce my build setup (see below), you should be able to unpack the archive, add a shared folder in VirtualBox then run Visual Studio and successfully build it straight away.

Obviously, if you find any problem that isn't present in the official version, don't bother reporting it to Toni. But maybe this might be some help if Toni wants to migrate to Visual Studio 2013 at some point.

I'll write a little about my build setup now. You don't need a machine running a recent version of Windows in order to use Visual Studio 2013. You can get a Windows 7 + IE 10 virtual machine from Microsoft's site. They provide archives for Linux, Mac and Windows hosts. (The VMs are time-limited, but you might be able to do slmgr /rearm a couple of times to extend the period before you need to activate it. When you do activate you get another 90 days use.)

I'm using VirtualBox on Linux. I set up a shared folder on the host, accessed as \\VBOXSVR\WinUAE_dev in the Windows VM. I used git on the host to clone the git repository. I loaded od-win32\winuae_msvc11\winuae_msvc.sln into Visual Studio 2013 and changed settings to build on my setup. (A better approach might have been to copy the winuae_msvc11 directory to winuae_msvc12 and make changes there. And to use environment variables instead of hard-coding directory paths. But I'm a Visual Studio noob, sorry.)

After downloading the Windows VM and importing it into VirtualBox you'll probably want to install VirtualBox Guest Additions and maybe run Windows Update. Then install:
Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 (expand Install Instructions for link to DVD ISO image)
Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 (run sdksetup.exe to download all SDK files)
DirectX June 2010 SDK
DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) (might not be needed to compile, but may be necessary to run WinUAE in VM)

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