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The whole 3d revolution was caused by a small company called id software that used the shareware model (this was even before easy ordering over the internet). The hardware world started building equipment to support the new software (not the other way around). I think ID created a multi billion dollar 3d video card market all by themselves.

All it would take for something new to take off is for somebody to actually make a game that is new and inovative and use the shareware model. The problem is that new games take a long time to develope and need quite a few people to work on it.

BTW gaming and technology never stands still, everything will become retro sooner or later just give it time. Its like music, 80's groups were trashed in the 90's by grunge bands only to become retro and popular in the 2000's (lots of channels here play classic 80's music all weekend). Same with clothes etc. Whats old to one generation is new and cool to the next. I frequent a board called and quite a few members that are nuts for old dos games are barely teenagers not old enough to have been around during the 80's and 90's when dos games were popular.
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